The President and the Puppet Strings

Well, it’s never a matter of if but when in this economy and today is no exception, the Dow rallying this morning and up 100 points right off the jump. Among every other industry on the board, tech was in the can this week but starts strong off the bell. Microsoft (MSFT) up a point, Apple (AAPL) up two, Google (GOOGL) up 4.15 – even Facebook (FB), the neo-Orwellian stalk and sell network, coming out of the gate, up nearly two points. My advice: If you have a position with these cocksuckers, dump it sometime before the market closes today. Once Peter Thiel and the FTC sic their guerilla audit squads on Cambridge Analytica and the data infrastructure in Oregon, this stock is going to eat it.

There’s one tech giant not reaping the surge of today’s action. Amazon (AMZN) down nearly 20 points this morning after President Trump put the hammer down, or at least threatened to via tweet this morning – his message basically saying if you want to continue putting small business out and trafficking Echo Spots and designer eyewear through the US postal service, pay up motherfuckers. If you own stock in Amazon, don’t panic. They should own the post office in three to five years.

Infrastructure stocks up this morning as well. Caterpillar (CAT) up a point and a half, Quanta (PWR) up 1.2%, Cummins (CMI) up 1.6 points, Paccar (PCAR) up .61. All this on the heels of Trump’s Ohio steel union rally, where he hyped his four-prong bridge and pillar scheme, all of it totally under wraps and of course contingent on a decent GOP voter turnout in the mid-terms.

Basically, yeah we’re off to a decent start this morning. Oh, and Tesla (TSLA) is in deep shit. Don’t buy stock from them.

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