Another week on the verge of a Chinese checkers match we to do not want to be on the shit-end of and these motherfuckers are out for blood.

What we know so far is that the People’s Republic could give a fuck about like bilateral trade spats, import tariffs, or the integrity of a second world currency market and will fucking shanghai the world economy, global farming commerce and the starch of its own export market just to stick it to the US . These sons of bitches are master manipulators and have already sacked the value of their own Yuan, laying the groundwork for an import/export jam the likes of which we probably haven’t seen since the fucking Boston Tea Party.

My two cents: Bring it on you cocksuckers. Go right ahead and err on the side of retardation, botch trade rapport with the baddest nation to swing dick since Caesar and total your own third-rate flea market of counterfeit Michael Kors and fish heads just pitch a fit. We’re younger, smarter, crazier, and do way more cocaine.

If you want to make a quick buck, call your broker up and short Yuan futures. I have no doubt China will run this economy so far into shit they’ll be converting on the strength of like an Egyptian pound by the time it’s all washed out.

Dow opened up this morning at 24, 582 and dropped 120 points. Buy gold.

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