YouTube, I Shoot: Why Regulations Kill.

On Tuesday, April 3rd, Nasim Aghdam, boldly strolled into YouTube’s headquarters in Northern California. She had a mission, a grievance, a plan. And a gun. She probably knew that what was about to transpire would quickly go viral. YouTube did not.

Becoming a viral sensation was nothing new for Aghdam. She had a popular channel on YouTube and knew the format well. She knew how to manipulate the market and monetize her channel. She knew the rules of the game, as it were. So, Aghdam knew YouTube. The problem was they knew her too. The problem started when they changed the rules of the game. The problem was that YouTube regulated her channel and stripped her of advertising revenue.

The problem wasn’t Aghdam. It wasn’t her mission, her grievance, her plan. It wasn’t her fucking gun.

The problem was the audacity of YouTube to impose its will on the free market.

To quote the great capitalist, Ayn Rand, “capitalism is the only system in history where wealth was not acquired by looting, but by production, not by force, but by trade, the only system that stood for man’s right to his own mind, to his work, to his happiness, to himself.”

YouTube stripped Aghdam of her right to her own mind, to her own work, to her own happiness, to herself. She produced, she traded, she worked the system as it was intended to be worked. YouTube looted and rigged that system.

Ayn Rand again, “A rational mind does not work under compulsion; it does not subordinate its grasp of reality to anyone’s orders, directives, or controls. It does not sacrifice its view of the truth to anyone’s opinions, threats, wishes, plans, or welfare.”

When YouTube ceased to operate under the righteous and noble dictates of capitalism, it attempted to compel, order, direct, and control Aghdam’s natural right to her production. And as a consequence, Aghdam had no choice but to operate in a less than rational manner. She could not sacrifice her view of the truth to anyone’s anything, especially their welfare.

The shooting at YouTube’s headquarters was not Aghdam’s fault. It was the fault of malicious regulations that imposed a tyrannical will upon the rights of an individual.

And in the face of such tyranny, the individual can and must fight back.

That is, after all, the principle this country was founded upon.

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